where we have worked to make the hobby of Koi keeping less expensive since 1999.

Hi and thanks for stopping by! In a world where everyone has a webpage for everything under the sun I want to be different and not add another one to an already overcrowded Internet.

I sell pond liners all over the USA, except Hawaii! We carry 45 mil rubber in 5 states where immediate pick up is available and poly in all 50 states which needs to be shipped to your home or business so please contact me with a size and zip code and I will get back to you with a quote.

I no longer try to sell all supplies because as I often tell my customers, if I can't sell it for the lowest price than you will do better buying it on line. I hate to lose the business but I love to help my customers save money, something I have been doing for over 20 years.

As my husband often says, my cell phone is surgically attached to me as I want to always be available to help answer your questions. Please call me at (360) 901-6383 or email me at: Terrie

I answer each and every email and phone call so if you did not hear from me then I did not get your message which might have gone to spam or somewhere off in the clouds. If you want to read more about the liners and see a comparison chart showing the difference between 45 mil rubber and polyethylene please contact me. There is a vast difference between these two products.

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